Pouch Cove Heritage Committee

The Pouch Cove Heritage Committee is a non-profit community association founded in 2009 to assist residents of Pouch Cove identify and protect local heritage.


Since our inaugural meeting in the spring of 2009 the Heritage Committee has completed many operational tasks as well as community events. We take great pride in the support our residents extend to us when we celebrate and share historic and community events. Some of our community activities to date include commemorations of the Waterwitch shipwreck and rescue, Pouch Cove Heritage Days, a tangible heritage night with storytelling, a kitchen party, a commemoration to mark the 100th anniversary of The 1914 Sealing Disaster, many  interviews with our seniors, and our new book.


We are an active organization and are always looking for new members and volunteers. We are busy with many new activities on our radar including our veterans project. If you are looking for a place to volunteer your time and make a difference in the community, please join us.




Pouch Cove Heritage Committee invites you to celebrate our local heritage on September 26, 27 & 28, 2014.


The third annual heritage festival is a three day event celebrating the heritage of Pouch Cove through film, story circles, music and visual art. Let the film take us back to the landscape and seal hunting culture of Newfoundland, and let the rarely seen outtakes connect us to the past. Let the story circles tell the yarns that link us with space missions, memories of war time, and the once thriving businesses of the cod liver oil operations. Let the children use their imagination to create art that reflects local culture, and let the music bring the people, our community, together.


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Thanks to contributions from dozens of people, we have a 186 page large format paperback book with more than twenty sections, telling about all aspects of the history of Pouch Cove, Shoe Cove and Biscayan Cove.  The book has wonderful stories from local residents and former residents along with 230 photographs.


We are very pleased and proud of the result.  The book is a labour of love, that will generate funds for future heritage projects. By purchasing a copy you are supporting the work we are doing as well as having your own record of the stories that have made Pouch Cove a place to be proud of.

On May 4, 2014, we had an afternoon of celebration with songs and readings from our new book. Click here to see the photographs of the event.

Click here for more information on the book including ordering details.

going to the ice


Do you know that ten Pouch Cove men went to the ice in the spring of 1914 aboard the SS Newfoundland? Five of them were amongst 77 sealers who perished.


On April 6, 2014, Pouch Cove Heritage Committee held a commemoration to mark the 100th anniversary of The 1914 Sealing Disaster. There were local sealers telling stories of their times on the ice along with an exhibition on the seal fishery with artifacts, storyboards, songs, and films connected to the 1914 tragedy.

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Mission Statement:


To work in harmony with all citizens and service organizations to promote, protect, preserve and educate each other in all aspects of heritage; in the gathering or oral folklore and visual artifacts; the celebration and recognition of historic events; along with the identification and preservation of historical sites in our community.

Our Vision:


Protect and preserve historic value in our community in active partnership with other groups and individuals. This will be accomplished by educating and engaging people in identifying, understanding, protecting  and celebrating our history while working with agencies and groups that share our goals.


Membership is open to all local residents and anyone with ties to our town.  Our committee has been set up as a separate incorporated society, working independently from the Pouch Cove Town Council. We hope to advise Town Council on decisions that affect heritage.

WE NEED YOUR HELP - We are collecting photographs, finding people with stories to share and identifying places in our town that should be preserved as part of our local heritage.


Each time an older person passes, we know we are losing stories and memories that are part of the history of our town.